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Do you know which is your best side?

Looking relaxed and happy in front of the camera is, in my opinion, a huge part of getting photos you love and are happy to put out the to connect with your clients.

Finding out which side of your face you most prefer can be a great way to make the process of relaxing in photos so much easier.

There are not many of us outside the supermodel fraternity who are blessed with perfectly symmetrical faces.

Barbra Streisand is so committed to only being see on the right side of her face that she is the only interviewee on Ellen where she sits to right and she made Ellen shift out of her usual seat! The same when she was in carpool Karaoke they had to get in a left side drive car so she would be able to take up her preferred right side seat!!

That is extreme of course and I’m certainly not suggesting that one side of your face is unsightly. But to put your best foot forward it’s probably worth trying to figure out which side you prefer.

Here are a couple of tips for you :

1. 60% of people favour the left side of their face over the right side.

2. The side of the face that you part your hair on, exposing more face that the other side is most likely going to be the side of your face you prefer.

3. Nothing beats trial and error. Get someone to photograph you from the front but with a slight bias on both sides and see which side you prefer.

So what is your best side or are your lucky enough to be ambifacial and look fabulous 360?

I’d love to hear what you discovered xxx

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