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Website Photography - how to create a suite of branding images for your website

It's time to update your online platform, maybe you've relied on social media platforms to date or maybe your business is now at its next stage and the "will do for now" website just isn't cutting it anymore.

I though I would share with you this example of imagery for Jen Thorne aka Beauty Junkie London that we created for her website done my the fabulous Sarah at Dare to Dream Digital.

Jen already runs a very successful beauty focused blog, A Beauty Junkie in London, and was looking to consolidate her social media management offering to help others achieve similar success.

So that was the focus for this photoshoot. To create visual branding images for her social media site which would also draw on and compliment the work for which she is currently best known on her beauty blog.

The first step to any branding photoshoot is to really understand who your brand is talking to and what feelings you want to get across to connect with that client.

We also look at any graphic, colour and logo branding you may have already had done. Then curate a plan of location, looks, wardrobe and props.

For this project we wanted to create a "get to know me" look drawing on Jen's existing expertise and proven track record in social media. We had the added advantage of two gorgeous doggies who were very happy to pose with Jen.

I always encourage pets to be included in these kind of shoots, if relevant, as they bring so much personality.

Here is a mood-board brief for our session, including colours and look and feel images for reference and guidance.

We also created a shoot list to ensure we captured those elements that Jen would be focusing on for her website in her "what are you looking for section".

One of the most important things to know up front and tell your photographer is if you need a banner images or specific crops for your site. Banner images tend to be long and narrow, sometimes referred to a pillar box crop. It can be very tricky to force a 4*3 or a square cropped image into a banner. It's important that the composition is done correctly up front during the session.

You can see how the wardrobe, look and feel translate to all of the images to give a cohesive and professional look to your website.

Couple that with using some of the images from the session for your profile pictures on social media platforms and your customer will connect with your branding across platforms.

Don't forget bespoke images for all of the pages on your site, its not just the about me image that wants you to be front and centre of your brand.

Its wonderful to be able to liaise with the website builder or branding adviser at the time of the photoshoot to ensure everything from wardrobe, crop sizes, loo and feel are all on brand.

It's also a great idea to book a social media content shoot to make sure you visual brand is complimentary across all of your platforms. Including images that you are going to be sending to your mailing list. You want to make sure its instantly recognisable as your brand.

This website was lots of fun to work on and I'm sure you'll agree Sarah at Dare to dream digital did an amazing job with the website, the colours, graphics and images work beautifully together.

Contact me on or fill in my contact form on my homepage for more information and a chat as to how we could work on your branding images together.

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