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The dreaded mobile selfie!

You hate having your photo taken and having to do stories for social media on your phone!?! The phone selfie just never looks like "you" - I totally get it.

Did you know that a phone selfie can enlarge prominent features by up to 30 %. When you're blessed with a "distinguished nose" like me - thats one hell of an unwelcome distortion.

But even the most beautifully featured among us will suffer the same fate through the unforgiving lens of the mobile phone.

Just look at my poor perfectly portioned model below - us mere mortals have no chance.

So how do we get round it. The image on the left was take close up (as you would take a selfie) the narrow lens in any mobile phone creates this sense of distortion.

The image on the right was taken with the camera further away from your face and zoomed in. For this you will need a helpful human or a tripod.

Use the zoom function on your screen to zoom in a voila - a much more undistorted representation of your own beautiful face.

If you are doing stories you can help minimise the distortion by standing a little further back from the mobile device. Use a tripod or prop your phone up and go hands free.

If available a window is the perfect place to do this as it will give you a wonderful natural light to your face too.

But if you're looking for really beautiful hi definition images you obviously can't beat a professional photoshoot. Click here to find out more about a branding photoshoot with me and good luck with those selfies xx

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