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Energise With Emily - Photoshoot Website Hertfordshire

Energise with Emily:

Talking to Emily about her fitness business I could instantly tell this was a business founded in a real passion for helping people. Emily moved from a successful legal career to focus her attention on developing her fitness business. A business focusing on helping people understand how to make healthy choices to increase their energy levels and get the most out of their lives.

Emily also shares and is open about her own story of dealing with breast cancer in her 30s with young children and the courageous decisions she had to make to protect her health for the future.

Emily's programs include online and Skype coaching, which means that her expertise is accessible to everyone. I would urge you to check out her new website for further information.

The Branding Photoshoot:

During our initial branding consultation, Emily and I discussed her current brand identity, her client based and the feel of brand that we wanted to capture in her images.

This was a specific photoshoot for her website and we therefore had various aspects of her business we wanted to focus on. The added benefit would be that the images could also be used across social media.

After collaboration with Emilys web designer we had a clear picture of what we were looking to achieve, from banner images to offsets which could have writing to the left or right of them.

It's so beneficial to be able to collaborate with the web designer at this planning stage of the photoshoot and it meant that we were all on the same page and would be able to capture images to create the vision Emily was after.

There were several aspects to the shoot.

  1. Emilys Personal Training - for which we included a subject model

  2. The business and skype aspect to her business - demonstrating that she was accessible online

  3. The food health aspect (you all know how much I love a foodie shoot!!)

So in just a three hours photoshoot at Emily's home we were able to get a good variety of images for her to choose from. Take a look below at just some of the images and also a quick look round Emily's finished website.

Thanks to Niki Lawrence for great makeup!

Check out Energise With Emily for yourself

Scroll down for images and video :

Here's what Emily had to say about the process :

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