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Pip and Cherry - Business branding photography

This is the gorgeous Rebecca, founder and creative behind the brand Pip and Cherry. Pip and Cherry make the most beautiful vintage style personalised name books. All designed sourced and crafted by Rebecca herself. And get this, Rebecca did all this in her one year maternity leave after becoming a first time mum to twins!!!

Rebecca has done a lot of things right in her first year of business, she has been diligent in her social media marketing, posting daily and managing to create a buzz around her product even before its launch and engaging brand ambassadors through her social networks. She is open and honest in her content, creating real connections.

Her product is absolutely beautiful, a real heirloom piece but also something the kids will really enjoy playing with. But its also the little touches that will continue to set her apart, using vintage style materials to beautifully wrap and present her product.

When we discussed her business branding photographs we agreed that they should be bright clean and colourful. Her two gorgeous twins would be our models, and with that level of cuteness you just can't go wrong. We also wanted to make sure we captured the family and Rebecca with her twins, as featuring the "face" behind the brand is so important for fostering connection with your client base.

I know there are other products Rebecca is developing and I for one am very excited to follow her business journey.

Check our the Pip and Cherry website here

Rebecca has also been answered my 5 in 5 minutes interview questions about her first year in business, see below.

1. How and why did you get started running your own business?

I had bought myself a sewing machine when I was pregnant and after I had my twins, I decided I wanted to make them something lovely and personalised to keep. I noticed how much they loved the fabric books we had bought them, and decided I would make them both their own books. I using vintage fabric to make the letters and pictures and designed the books so they spelt out my twins names. So it really started off as just a really sweet project. Once I had made them, I had this really strong gut feeling that I could make a business out of selling them. I started to do some research and saw a real lack of anyone making beautiful fabric books – which completely surprised me. From there, I taught myself some new skills – website design, and did a lot of research, toy safety, material development and launched the business in February.

2. What does running your own business mean to you?

If im honest at the moment I’m not quite sure, im due to go back to my ‘real’ job in a few weeks so its all going to be a bit up in the air. But at the moment it just gives me the opportunity to be creative, try new things and fit it all around my family.

3. What’s been your proudest moment in your business journey so far?

Last month I hit a hundred orders, and I really couldn’t believe it. When I started out I really felt like I was making something unique and different and I knew it was a product I would love. But you just have no idea, how its going to be received by everyone else. So the fact that so many people have been so supportive and have bought a book from me is mind blowing.

4. Do you have any words or wisdom or advice you would give someone thinking of starting their own business?

I'd say just go for it, the first thing I did when I started thinking about making the books (and I know this sounds cheesy but bear with me) was write in my notebook "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"

I think that’s a really strong idea to keep hold of – everything starts somewhere, with just an idea and all you can do is do your very best to turn that idea into something tangible.

I would also say truth and honesty is a massive part, there would be no point in selling myself as a chilled out zen brand, when i'm a bit of a frazzled mum, juggling twins and a business. People seem to really relate to that honest side of what i do, obviously you dont have to share everything in your life, but i think its just easiest to put something out there that you really believe in and that you can really get behind.

5. If you were to write your life story, what would be the title of the book?

Oh jeez at the moment it would probably be "Tangled up with twins." An attempt at very bad sewing wordplay, lol.

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