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Katie Hill : Relaxation & Self-Care for the Soul – Personal Branding Session Ware Hertfordshire

Meeting fabulous women who are carving out a new path for themselves running their own business is the true joy of this job. Katie, from Relaxation & Self-care for the Soul is definitely one of those people. Right from the get go I could tell we were going to have lots of fun. She is such a warm and fun person and so easy to talk to, I can see why she has chosen the path she has.

So below is my 5 of 5 interview questions to get to know Katie a bit better and find out what running her own business means to her. Check out Katie's website here

1. How and why did you get started running your own business?

I wanted to help women like me. When I became pregnant, I was petrified. Of everything! I managed the birth with a LOT of preparation, but the mum bit threw me off completely! I was a mess...anxious, lacking all confidence, withdrawn, blaming everyone else for the way I felt. There was nowhere to turn and all the support seemed to be centred around the baby.

I had trained as a hypnobirthing teacher, but when I became pregnant again, I started discovering more tools that went deeper into healing, nurturing and bringing greater Contentment into my life. These are the tools I use with the women I work with. My aim is to remind women of their 'joy default' and their power to live the life they really want to live, no matter the circumstances.

We don't give ourselves enough credit, time or energy and we so often try to put everyone else first. But if we give ourselves the best care, love and attention, it will reflect out to the world too.

So I use tools and techniques from hypnobirthing, reiki, meditation, birth trauma recovery, post natal healing and my background in teaching and coaching to create pop-ups, 1:1 programmes and our lovely Mamma Moments Facebook community. I want every woman and mother to know that they can feel the way they want to, and the support, space and time is there if they want it.

2. What does running your own business mean to you?

Freedom, joy, contentment and connection. It means trusting in your own abilities completely and just going with whatever your instinct takes you. It's taught me that it is possible to live the life I want to and that's very liberating!

3. What’s been your proudest moment in your business journey so far?

So many little proud moments! Building the Mamma Moments group and launching my online work this year especially; taking hold of the reigns, without worrying whether it will work or not, or what others will think of me. Letting go of all of that has been incredible.

4. Do you have any words or wisdom or advice you would give someone thinking of starting their own business?

Trust your instinct. Above everything else.

Go bigger picture, rather than tiny details. Nobody cares if you've spelt something wrong, they'll want to work with you because of your big message.

Let go of fear and do what YOU want rather than what you think you should do. Act with love, always.

Authentic is a buzzword that makes me cringe a bit, but be honest and open. What's the worst that could happen?!

5. If you were to write your life story, what would be the title of the book?

Ooo, but I like to think I'm less than half way through my life story!

Up to this point, I think it would be 'Re-setting the Joy Default'

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