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Melanie Reiki - Business and Personal Branding

Well the sun finally came out, and what a morning it chose to show its face, as I had a photo-shoot at the truly breath-taking Strawbale Studios with the very lovely and very zen Melanie.

Melanie is a Reiki master and teacher. Along with her teaching she runs some amazing meditation retreats and classes, some of which are at the Strawbale Studio. Do visit her website to see the various treatments she offers

I must say the whole morning was very stress free and we went with the rhythm of the drums and gong that Melanie uses in some of her classes. It would be difficult for anyone (even me) to feel anything but chilled out in this calm, special place. Also Melanie has the most calming and fun energy, the whole shoot was a joy.

Can I also say, she looked amazing, the camera never lies and if meditation can do that for you…. I’ll have some of what she’s having!

So that’s me off to beat a drum and try not to think of my “to do list”

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