Its time to think Personal Branding

Clients can find the thought of a personal branding session a challenge. I know, you're worried you might feel a bit of a knob. The thought of having you're picture taken can be intimidating, I look too serious, I’m sporting a few more chins than I’m sure I have in real life etc. etc; trust me, I get it.

However we are increasingly buying from personalities, clients want to see the person behind the brand and this means biting the bullet and getting in front of that camera.

To me the answer is to throw out the old style of headshot in favour of the lifestyle branding image. Something that’s relevant to what you are doing or selling. To capture your personality and the passion you have for your product or service. There are also a few tricks of the trade, which will focus on your positive points and show you off at your very best.

So whether you’re looking to grow you Instagram presence or updating your website – its time to get in front of the camera. You can contact me via my about me page and lets discuss how I can help you and your brand.

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Personal Branding and Commercial Photographer

Your story, your style, your business.

We can create some kick arse visual imagery that will elevate your business and your brand.

Lets get started ......

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